Special Grade

Sanitary Grade

We supply Co-extrusion type Sanitary sheet,such as
Acrylic + ABS 2-layer sheet, and Acrylic + ABS + Acrylic 3-layer sheet.

  • Density       1.1
  • Thickness: 1.5 ~ 9.0mm
  • Width: 400 ~ 2100mm
  • Charged by and supply cut to size.
  • The manufacturer can color match solid color and metallic color.

Sound Barrier Sheet

We are in position to supply Acrylic sheet for Sound Barrier use.

  • Available Thickness: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Available width: 2000~6000mm, others on request
  • Special treatment include embedded sliver-retaining polyamide threads; brushed, bird-deterrent stripes; matte surface and etc. on request

Wu-Yang Viaduct, Freeway #1, the largest single reference of Evonik's Noise Barrier in Greater China Region in recent years.


We supply large acrylic panels or cylinders for the aquarium Industry. The largest Monolithic acrylic Panel we supply is 3500mm x 8500mm, up to 40mm thick without lamination.

One of the biggest panels we supplied on 1999 to Kenting National Museum of Marine Biology Aquarium was 16.5M in length x 4.85M in height x 325mm in thickness.

Kenting National Museum of Marine Biology Aquarium,
the first phase construction “Waters of Taiwan”

Thick sheet

Stimex Corp. supplies acrylic from thin film (under 1mm) up to monolithic heavy thickness (over 100mm). The most common size for thick gauge acrylic sheet is 1220mm x 2440mm.

Thick gauge acrylic sheet can be used for many applications, such as:

  • furniture.
  • fabricated products.
  • water tank or fish tank etc.