Masking Film

PE Masking Film, Made By ITP, Italy

Stimex Corp have been representing ITP PE masking film in most Asian countries since 1996.  Established in 1972, ITP is today one of the innovative leaders in the production of polyolefin films, which are technically advanced and designed to meet the specific needs of an evolving market. ITP product lines cover co-extruded masking films for surface protection, films for lamination. ITP provides wide product ranges to satisfy different customers’ demand.

Production Method

Multi-Layer, Co-Extrusion Production (Blown Line)
Production Capacity: 40,000 tons per year. ITP has 14 blown lines up to 7 layers and 1 lab line for 300mm width samples

Major Advantages

The advantages of the ITP Co-Extrusion film versus the paper/film with glue are the following

  • ITP Co-Extrusion masking film is possible to thermoform leaving the film on the sheets, it means that the film will be protected until when the final user won’t remove the film (Major Application – Bathtub deep thermoforming)
  • ITP Co-Extrusion masking film doesn’t leave residues, it isn’t necessary consequently to wash the sheets before printing ant other post treatment

(1) General Grade PE Film

To protect plastic sheet surface.

(2) Heat Resistant Grade PE Film

For deep thermo forming with plastic sheet.

(3) Paper-Look ("PaperPlast") PE Film

A. Water resistant, can be written upon, also recyclable and free of glue residue (better than traditional masking paper).


B. Suitable for laser cutting, flame polishing and line bending.

Introduction Of Major Types

ITP PE Masking film is suitable for various plastic sheets. Such as PMMA, PC, ABS/PMMA, PETG, PVC, PVC Foam Sheet.
(1) General Grade of PE Masking Film for Plastic Sheets (Glossy / Matt surface sheet)
(2) Heat Resistant Grade of PE Masking Film for Plastic Thermoforming
(3) Paper-Look ("PaperPlast") PE Masking Film for Plastic Sheets

General & Heat Resistant Grades
Thickness From 20 Microns to 300 Microns
Width From 700 MM to 3000 MM
Color Clear, White and Others  (Color Printing available)
Paper-Look    ("PaperPlast") Film
Thickness From 50 Microns to 120 Microns
Width From 600 MM to 3000 MM
Color Brown and White Colors only