ETFE 氟化膜

氟化膜(ETFE film)

Asahi Fluon ETFE film (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene copolymer) films are fluoropolymer films that offer excellent durability, high temperature capability and excellent chemical resistance. Fluon ETFE films can be used for outdoor surface protections and special release applications.

1. Heat resistance:

Fluon ETFE film can be used at a continuous temperature up to 150 degree C

2. Outdoor durability:

Fluon ETFE film is not affected by many classes of common solvents, chemical, acids and alkalis.

3. Chemical stability

4. Easy to clean:

Fluon ETFE film is easy to clean because of its surface energy, and it can be cleaned with solvents because of its high chemical resistance.

5. Lamination:

Fluon ETFE film is receptive to adhesive on the surface, and It can be laminated. The life of the adhesive surface may be limited by high temperature and ultraviolet light.